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Our very own, Sandy Russell, Founder and Managing Director of VERVE just graduated from the University of Bridgeport with her M.S. in Human Nutrition, passed her Board exam as part of the process of becoming a board-certified Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), and gained her CT license as a Certified Dietician/Nutritionist! We are very proud of her!  

And one may ask why this shift and how does this fit into VERVE?

With a passion for health and helping others, and after losing several family members, Sandy saw a need to help organizations assist their employees with their health objectives. In our role as business consultants, we discovered the staggering amount corporations spend on healthcare that is preventable. Diabetes cost an estimated $327 billion in 2017.  That includes $237 billion in direct medical costs and $90 billion in decreased productivity.*  Additionally, obese full-time workers lose an estimated 450 million workdays compared with healthy workers, resulting in $153 billion of lost productivity annually.**  Those numbers led our team to understand the need to educate people on healthier nutrition and lifestyles, and reduce the costs associated with preventable diseases. 


Sure there are plenty of corporate wellness programs, but which focus specifically on nutrition, clarifying the confusion with nutrition education while providing whole plant-based food options which are the basis of many healthy eating lifestyles and medical interventions? Our health-conscious team at VERVE envisioned that creating a health and nutrition offering could inspire our world-class client’s employee’s to achieve their health and lifestyle objectives.

“The solution is actually quite simple in theory,” said Sandy. “Many diseases are preventable if we change what we eat. In practice, however, many struggle to change years of habits and preferences and wade through conflicting “healthy” food information. That’s where our Jumpstart Program comes in.” With a dedicated program manager, VERVE’s program starts with measuring participant’s biometrics,  corporate healthcare benchmarking, and a 10-day Jumpstart program, and includes ongoing lifestyle sustaining components and coaching by experts in nutrition. 



Sandy first earned a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell a few years ago. After we engaged experts and started to formalize this service offering, it became clear we wanted to know much more about personalized nutrition and lifestyle interventions to support healthy living and health challenges. Sandy was accepted into one of the top nutrition schools in the country, and was fortunate to receive scholarships from the Trustees of Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT), Bank of America, and the Scholarship Advisory Committee for the Small and Diverse Business Education Fund sponsored by Bank of America. They, too, saw the value in developing Sandy, VERVE, and this program!

VERVE has now added this new offering to our current array of services. We now feel we have the credentials, knowledge, and expertise to support and fully launch this initiative! We will continue with our traditional business services supporting our client’s strategic initiatives, with expertise not limited to program and project management, finance and accounting, and technology.  

VERVE is excited to offer this program to corporations that are passionate about their employees’ health. Should you be interested in piloting this program with VERVE, please contact Sandy (details below).


* – http://www.diabetes.org/advocacy/news-events/cost-of-diabetes.html
** –  https://www.stateofobesity.org/healthcare-costs-obesity/  


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