VERVE is uniquely positioned to help you succeed through these challenging times associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are ready to bring exceptional consultants seamlessly onto your team(s), with minimal effort on your end. All of our consultants are subject matter experts that are qualified before consideration for your projects or activities, to ensure that they are a great fit for your firm’s needs. Each of our consultants is comfortable with video interviewing and working remotely.

VERVE is here to help you strategize, plan and lead your projects and initiatives or provide subject matter expertise, the arms & legs to meet your business challenges. 

Below are resources and articles for your reading pleasure, provided by both members of our VERVE team and miscellaneous reputable sources.

Your ‘Work From Home’ Setup Is Important

During this transition to working remotely, we asked our own Libby Cianciolo to share insights into her experience transitioning to working from home for VERVE.

Risk Management and the COVID-19 Crisis

The coronavirus impact on project management varies from company to company, ranging from risk assessment to organizational management.

Working From Home… Can I Do It?

Mary-Anne Blount, CPA, MBA & Financial Project Manager, shares her ‘working from home’ insights and how she has made it work for her for over 5 years while working for VERVE’s Fortune 50 clients who have a remote work environment.

Employers Amending Benefits & Adding Policies in Response to COVID-19Managing Remote Employees 

“With workplaces around the country grappling with how to protect their workers and keep business running during the COVID-19 outbreak, many employers are adding […]

Managing Remote Employees

Forbes shared this informative read on ‘6 Tips For Managing Remote Employees: How To Maintain Productivity And Engagement’.

COVID-19 Virus: Words from Jeff Cianciolo, Logistics Supply Chain Expert 

Jeff Cianciolo, a close friend of VERVE, is a Logistics Supply Chain Expert & owner of Heavy Haul Transportation. Jeff has delighted in sharing his tips and […]