Making Better Decisions

blog-decioinsA challenge of being in a leadership position is that you are never asked to choose between one decision that is clearly wrong and one that is clearly right. Instead, executives are presented with two (or more) “right” answers. Strategy is about choosing where to focus, and picking the better option can create a long-lasting competitive advantage. However, if the “slightly worse” strategy is chosen, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Executives are expected to identify, assess, and capitalize on opportunities quickly without making the wrong decisions. The speed at which they need to make decisions has led to product recalls and service interruptions, resulting in the high costs of losing brand value and customer loyalty. A management consulting firm such as VERVE can organize small manageable units focused solely on specific technologies, markets, or geographical areas that produce forecasts to make the right decision.

Every business needs access to talent that understands new technology to ensure that growth is sustained, but the issue of acquiring talent continues to challenge executives because in-house legacy teams often lack the know-how to effectively search for the best channels. Executives are also faced with the issue of integrating new talent into their legacy organization. If done poorly, this can lead to conflict and, ultimately, failure in choosing and implementing the right strategy.

These complex challenges are best met by a management consulting firm like VERVE that can rapidly deploy the technical expertise, market insight, and organizational dexterity to define and mobilize a new management culture.

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