Returning to the new normal, #helpisontheway with VERVE

From all of us at VERVE: With a tagline we’ve been using for over a year, #helpisontheway, we are here for you and your team as you navigate these changing times and business challenges.

These unfamiliar times have offered a valuable chance to take part in reflection and revitalization. As you analyze your firm’s response, markets, processes, controls, etc., think of VERVE as your support, providing both the intellectual capital and the arms and legs to bring initiatives to life. How can we help?

Below are just a few of the many areas in which VERVE can provide support to your team.

Forecasting & reacting to unexpected market challenges
Managing through the impact of unprecedented times creates planning and forecasting challenges. Financial forecasting utilizing key performance indicators (KPI’s) provides insights to quickly react to these challenges and make business decisions. KPI’s generally include: forecasting (funnel health), market share, customer satisfaction-loyalty, delivery efficiency/utilization, cost of quality, profitability, and client care metrics. VERVE can help navigate through each of these important indicators, to strengthen the current business and provide for a seamless recovery.

What product or market is most profitable, what impact does shutting down certain production lines have, what is the new financial forecast given the current and future market conditions?

Accounting for COVID-19 challenges
Accounting for employee transitions, funding sources, and loan forgiveness are only some of the challenges with the new environment.

Remote team management support
Being a remote team ourselves and having been involved in managing numerous projects that require remote-based work (home-based, teleworking, off-site, off-shore, etc.), VERVE is aware of the challenges that may come with managing a remote team including security, productivity, motivation and controls. Our experts can shed light on how to best keep remote employees motivated and productive, while keeping your organization secure so that your business can continue to grow.

Below are two articles from the Harvard Review we think might be useful to you: 

Contact us, give us a call, or let’s have a video conference to brainstorm your challenges.

Help is on the way!

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