Our Fortune 300 client was moving their assembly operations from a facility that was closing to their active assembly house.  The move was in process but they did not have the resources to do the assembly documentation, ensure drawing accuracy and perform the training required to make the move successful and still meet production requirements.

After meeting with the client to understand their project requirements and the critical nature of the project, VERVE’s Process Engineer stepped in quickly, traveled to the current assembly location, documented the assembly and provided the necessary tools and training aides to reassemble the line in the new location.


  • All assembly documentation and training aids were completed.
  • Drawing accuracy and revisions were made current where necessary.
  • Training of the assemblers was completed.
  • Production schedule spiked while these activities were taking place. We worked with the team assembling the product (even on weekends) to ensure the production spike was met, customers received their product and the client obtained their revenue.


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