VERVE is Out-Inventing the Big Four through Innovation and Creativity

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blog-small-firmsSmaller firms like VERVE are now able to compete with the Big Four and win contracts from Fortune 500 companies. This is partly due to technology and the willingness of consulting firms such as VERVE to fill in gaps wherever necessary. Smaller consultancies are not only causing a stir among the Big Four, but also creating ways to beat the competition and stand out among the crowd. By combining the right talent with the right solutions, smaller firms are able to build successful management consultancies through nontraditional methods. VERVE provides the talent who researches and implements solutions to create a lasting competitive advantage – all while businesses maintain control over the entire process.

Creativity is Essential

In a traditional management consulting firm, thinking outside the box can sometimes be discouraged. In an environment known for following the rules and sticking to tried and true techniques, creativity can be a new concept. Firms like VERVE that give employees room for strategic, yet non-traditional thinking, are seeing exceptional results and are able to build lasting competitive advantages.

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