Your ‘Work From Home’ Setup Is Important

Written by: Libby Cianciolo, VERVE’s Client Services Specialist

During this transition to working remotely, we asked our own Libby Cianciolo to share insights into her experience transitioning to working from home for VERVE.

Setup is everything. While working from home has that relaxed environment feel and although you can work from your bed or kitchen table… it does not mean that you should; do not get me wrong though… there are some people out there that thrive working from a couch or in the kitchen. But I think that for most of us, actual office space is needed for optimal results. The bedroom or couch can be convenient and work fine for an hour or so late night or early morning to get something completed, but for your routine work hours, it is not ideal. For me, having a denoted and comfortable office space for yourself where your workday(s) happen will foster greater productivity and effectiveness.

I started working from home about 1.5 years ago after transitioning from a traditional, 9-5 office desk job. In the early months, I solely had my laptop and a folding chair at small bedroom desk. I was getting work done and able to produce what I needed; however I did not enjoy the environment I was sitting in, nor was the setup ideal for the personal back and hip pain I was experiencing. I did not ‘look forward’ to going into my poor excuse for an office each workday. It was not until I realized that I needed to change my setup in order to be more productive, effective and excited to get to work that I made some changes and investment purchases for my ‘home office.’

I moved to a different room in the house where there was more sunlight, more windows and a larger open space. My purchases included a 24in monitor, wireless mouse and keyboard, medium-large sized desk with standing style capabilities and a supportive, ergonomic chair. With these changes and purchases I am able to get into my office and feel ready to get to work knowing I am comfortable and feel content with the work flow setup.

Changes include:

  • Feeling of ‘going into work’ (although it is just a walk down the hall)
  • Bright and open motivational space to head to each work day
  • Dual screen view with the purchased monitor as the main screen (it is larger and better for productivity) and my laptop as the 2nd screen/view
  • Desk with plenty of typing and mouse space
  • Desk that can be swapped from standing to sitting styles in an instant (although I usually keep it in standing position as I prefer standing for neck, hip and back pain)
  • Chair that supports my back properly, when I do decide to take a seat at my desk
  • Better mood and a designated work environment where I can fully thrive

Whether your work from home period is just temporary or permanent, there are changes you can make to help yourself be more productive and enjoy the new experience.

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